About IIC

As a people-driven Nation, the Indian Infosec Consortium is a group of the Nation’s leading Information Security experts and researchers which has a large number of Cyber Security member professionals in India who constantly protect the economy of this Nation and its Cyber Space from continuous security threats posed by hackers.

A non-for-profit Section-25 organization, the Indian Infosec Consortium is consulted about, and often makes policy recommendations concerning the full range of issues where understandings from the domain of Information technology, Cyber security, Research and innovation bear potentially on the policy choices before the Indian Government.

The Need of Consortium

Meager resources, accidental innovations necessitate opening up the contributions from individual on the street to larger organizations and Governments. Involvement of every resource for national resilience requires a front that could emcompass non-sterotypes and interface between the private players, academia, industry and Government.


Indian Infosec Consortium envisages creation of a unified platform for Indian Infosec Professionals who have the ability and desire to participate in administering the fifth domain of cyber to strengthen the National information infrastructure and make it secure and resilient against any external or internal threats.


  1. To put forward recommendations to the Government and Industry for Cyber security policies and implementations
  2. Act as an apex body for promoting the Indian Information Security Industry
  3. Connect as the face of Information Security Awareness in India with initiatives that impact large scale communities in a positive and responsible manner
  4. Act as a body that provides strategic insight for Internal and external security in India at Policy level
  5. Act as a body in Asia for cooperation and information exchange that can assist in improving the National security of India


Identification of the able and willing IT workforce, sustainable and perennial availability of human resources, the need of identification for effective governance are the three most important priorities. Infosec consortium intends to play role in each of the stages for fulfillment of the larger objectives of the national levels hand in hand with the Government.